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 Item DescriptionYearModelHoursUnit NoSellInquire


Ariens Mower, 21" Rear Bag, Self-Propelled2011931-24$750Inquire?
Honda Mower, 21" Rear Bag, Push2011932-12$400Inquire?
Ariens Mower, 21" Rear Bag, Self-Propelled911183SN002033$350Inquire?
Honda MowerHRX217HYCTrade-in$450
Honda MowerHRX217HYCTrade-in$450


Haulotte 19' Electric Scissor Lift20021930ES345-01$4,900Inquire?
Haulotte 27' Electric Scissor Lift20022747ES360-01$6,900Inquire?
Genie 19' Electric Scissor Lift2011GS1930342-08$9,500Inquire?
Skyjack 19' Electric Scissor Lift19993219345-06$6,900Inquire?
Skyjack 20' Electric Scissor Lift199932203100-1$6,900Inquire?


Genie 50' Articulating Boom, Towable2011TZ50371-1$35,000Inquire?
Genie 40' Straight Boom, Duel Fuel1998S40380-01$17,900
Genie 45' Articulating Boom, Duel Fuel, No Jib2001Z4536003130-01$24,900Inquire?


Bobcat Track Loader 2012MT559763172-02$21,950Inquire?
Bobcat Skidsteer Loader 2007S1303500310-05$19,500
Bobcat Skidsteer Loader 2008S13028003170-7$22,900Inquire?
Bobcat Skidsteer Loader 2009S1302700310-7$24,900Inquire?
Bobcat Skidsteer Loader 2007S13027003170-6$21,900Inquire?
Bobcat Excavator, 2 Buckets, Thumb2013E322100360-05$45,900Inquire?
John Deere Excavator, Thumb201475G1800352-1$99,000Inquire?
John Deere Excavator, 2 Buckets, Thumb201435D1500360-06$49,900Inquire?


Forklift, Cat LPG, 8000lb, Triplex 15' Mast, SideshiftV80E$9,500Inquire?
Forklift, Yale Electric, 5000lb, Triplex 15' Mast, Sideshift9692$9,500Inquire?
Forklift, Hyster, LPG, 5000lb, Triplex 15' Mast, Sideshift2007390-03$19,900Inquire?
Forklift, Hyster, LPG, 5000lb, Triplex 15' Mast, Sideshift20081700390-04$21,900Inquire?


Mikasa Gas Plate Compactor, 175 lbMVC82630-706-23$1,250
Mikasa Gas Plate Compactor, 175 lbMVC82630-36$1,650Inquire?
Plate Compator, MBW, Gas, 200 lb3550631-14$1,450Inquire?
Plate Compator, MBW, Gas, 200 lb3550631-24$1,250Inquire?
Dynapac Gas Plate Compator, 400 lbLG200635-07$3,900Inquire?
Dynapac Diesel Plate Compator, 1,200 lb2012LG500645-26$9,500Inquire?
Dynapac Diesel Plate Compator, 1,200 lb2010LG500645-19$8,500Inquire?
Dynapac Diesel Plate Compator, 1,200 lb2009LG500645-21$8,500Inquire?
Mikasa Diesel Plate Compator, 1,000 lbMVH206645-28$8,900Inquire?


Trailer, Equipment with Surge Brakes, 6000 LB20086000 LB4280-3$3,900Inquire?
Trailer, Equipment with Electric Brakes, 10,000 LB201010,000 LB4280-4$5,500Inquire?
Air Drill, 1/2$75Inquire?
Hilti Concrete Nail GunDX36812-01$275Inquire?
Hilti Concrete Nail GunDX450812-5$450Inquire?
Hilti Concrete Nail GunDX600813-1$350Inquire?
Hilti Concrete Nail GunDX600813-2$350Inquire?
Stihl Gas 12" Cutoff SawTS-4101812-29$850Inquire?
Stihl Gas 14" Cutoff SawTS4201811-47$1,050Inquire?
Stihl Gas 14" Cutoff SawTS4201811-33$1,050Inquire?
Cuttoff Saw, Partner, LE650, On Cart, Blades ExtraK6503704-1$750Inquire?
Dehumidifier, Driez20021200430-06$1,050
Dehumidifier, Driez20051200430-19$1,050Inquire?
Dehumidifier, Driez20051200430-23$1,050
Dehumidifier, Driez20101200430-26$1,150Inquire?
Exhaust Fan/Blower, 8" General, Gas, Ducting Extra8"1590-1$350Inquire?
Exhaust Fan, 8" General, Ducting Extra8"1590-3$400Inquire?
Hitachi Table Saw1839-2350Inquire?
Road Saw, 14" Gas, Push800-01$950Inquire?
Hitachi Demo Hammer PH651101-16$650
Hitachi Spline Drive Roto Hammer DH501105-9$650Inquire?
Hitachi Spline Drive Roto Hammer DH501105-11$650Inquire?
Hitachi Magnum Demo Hammer, BreakerH90HSE1103-5$1,350Inquire?
Wacker 36" Power Trowel$1,500Inquire?
Concrete Mixer, Electric, 3 Cubic Ft.3 Cubic Ft.664-6$500Inquire?
Concrete Mixer, Electric, 3 Cubic Ft.3 Cubic Ft.664-10$550Inquire?


Honda 3500 Watt Generator, Includes Wheel Kit, Trade-inEM3500X89356$750Inquire?
Honda 3500 Watt Generator, Trade- inEG3500X89357$350Inquire?
Yamaha 5500 Watt GeneratorEF52001406-05$850Inquire?
Yamaha 2600 Watt GeneratorEF2600405-14$550Inquire?
Yamaha 6600 Watt GeneratorEF6600512-36$950Inquire?
Yamaha 3000 Watt Generator, Inverter StyleEF3000ise1405-06$1,500Inquire?
Multiquip 15 KVA Generator, Diesel, Towable15KVA5500$7,500Inquire?
Multiquip 26 KVA Generator, Diesel, Towable26KVA89001420-02$11,500Inquire?
Baldor, 60KVA Generator, Diesel, TowableTS60$24,900Inquire?
Wacker Neusen 26KVA Generator, Diesel, Towable2010G251420-04$9,500Inquire?


LB White 80,000 BTU Propane Heaters (Several with prices from $950)Premier 80$950Inquire?
Kerosene 165,000 BTU Heaters, With Theromstat, (Several with prices from $325)$325Inquire?
Propane HeaterHHP1501525-01$125Inquire?
Propane HeaterHHP1501525-02$125Inquire?
Propane HeaterHHP1501525-03$125Inquire?
Propane Heater, Radiant, MTM125K BTU1019-4$750Inquire?
Propane Heater, RadiantRA1001522-01$125Inquire?


Ground Hog Post Hole Auger, 2 Man, Auger Bits Extra2 Man1940-3$450Inquire?
Ground Hog Post Hole Auger, 2 Man, Auger Bits Extra2 Man1940-4$450Inquire?
General, Post Hole Auger, 2 Man, cw Several Auger Bits, 'Like-New' Conidtion2 Man$1,500Inquire?
Honda Mower, 21" Rear Bag, Self-Propelled, Trade-inHRX217HYC$450
Honda Mower, 21" Rear Bag, Self-Propelled, Trade-inHRX217$450
Honda Mower, 21" Rear Bag, Self-Propelled, Trade-inHRX217$450
Honda Mower, 21" Rear Bag, Self-Propelled, Trade-inHRX217$450
Ariens Mower, 21" Rear Bag, Self-Propelled, Swivel Wheels91119400931-29$350
Ariens Mower, 21" Rear Bag, Self-Propelled2009931-2$650
Ariens, Tiller, 5 HP1922-15$350Inquire?
Ryan Sod Cutter, 12"946-04$1,950Inquire?
Aerator, Ryan 19"LA IV902-15$2,400Inquire?
Aerator, BluebirdB130A902-08$2,200
Rototiller, Honda, Mid Tine, 5 HPF501942-06$550
Honda, Rototiller, Rear Tine, 8 HPFR800C944-3$1,800
Ariens Mower, Walk Behind, String Trim934-04$250Inquire?
Power Rake, BluebirdPR221940-18$1,200Inquire?
Power Rake, Polyquip940-09$950Inquire?
Stihl Brushcutter, Trade-inFS400KW99145$350Inquire?
Stihl Gas Hedgetrimmer, 18"HS45918-15$195Inquire?
Stihl Handheld Blower, Trade-inBG86$150Inquire?
Backpack Blower, StihlBR500928-22$350
Stihl Backpack Blower, Trade-inBR600B1173$350
Stihl Gas Chain Saw, 24"MS3911802-22$650Inquire?
Stihl Gas Chain Saw, 24"MS440504-165$600Inquire?
ECHO PAS Pruner999442000532$229Inquire?
Polepruner, Stihl2007HT1011927-5$650Inquire?
Polepruner, Echo2009PPT2601927-7$650Inquire?
Honda Pressure Washer, 2,500 PSI2,500 PSI610-14$750Inquire?
Honda Pressure Washer, 3,000 PSI3,000 PSI612-17$950Inquire?
Honda Pressure Washer, 4,000 PSI 4,000 PSI1363-18$1,450Inquire?


Honda Gas, 2" Centrifugal Pump, Does not include hose/s1642-7$350Inquire?
Honda Gas, 3" Trash Pump, Does not include hose/s1646-0002$1,300Inquire?
Koshin 4", Centrifugal Pump, Does not include hose/s$550Inquire?


Lincoln, Diesel, Towable Welder, Does not include cablesSAE 400$5500Inquire?


Shop Vacuum, Johnny Vac602-14$375Inquire?
Shop Vacuum, Clarke , Includes hose but no attachments420-09$100Inquire?
Floor Maintainer, 13", Includes driver pad0407-02$450Inquire?
Floor Maintainer, 17", Includes driver pad150-407-03$650Inquire?
Floor Maintainer, 17", Includes driver padDustbane1309-2$600Inquire?
Carpet Cleaner, Rug Doctor, Blue$350Inquire?
Carpet Cleaner, Castex$400Inquire?
Drum, Sander, Silverline 405-05$1,250Inquire?

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