Rototiller, 5Hp – Mid Tine

Richlock Rentals and Sales rents different models of Powered Rototillers suitable for light, medium and heavier tilling work. The most popular rental item is our ‘Mid-Tine’ Rototiller. This machine is suitable for the majority of homeowner and residential jobs. At 5 HP, the mid-tine Rototiller is ideal for breaking-up soil in a medium-sized vegetable or flower garden in preparation for planting.

Metal Tines do the Work

The mid-tine Rototiller (and indeed all powered tillers) incorporate several metal tines which rotate and tear into the soil breaking large clumps into smaller manageable pieces, which in-turn can be raked in preparation for planting. Our most popular tiller (featured here) also has two side discs located at either end of the row of tines. These discs help to keep the tiller aligned for neater furrowing and are effective in protecting nearby plants, and prevent the tines from catching fences and sidewalks when operating in confined spaces.

The Depth Bar located on the back of the tiller, can be adjusted up or down and is used to control the speed and depth of the ’tilling job’. Dropping the Depth Bar to its lowest position will cause the tiller to move slowly and therefore, dig deeper.

For larger jobs, customers rent our rear-tine, powered 9-13 Hp Rototillers. Richlock also carries small 2.5 Hp Rototillers suitable for tilling flower beds or other small areas.


Freshly-Tilled and Ready for Planting.

 Plan Ahead

Please call the Richlock Rentals and Sales location closest to you to arrange to rent a Mid-Tine tiller, or other size machine suitable for your tilling needs. Please remember to call ahead or use our On-line Rental Form to reserve your Rototiller during these peak rental times.



And remember, we want you to get the most from your rental so Richlock’s Rental experts will guide you through the safe start-up, adjustment and operation of the Rototiller, prior to you leaving our location. Richlock Rentals and Sales also provides Delivery and Pickup services for a nominal fee.

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