Power Rake

Richlock Rentals and Sales rents Power Rakes used to De-Thatch Lawns.

‘Thatch’ consists of a compact layer of dead grass, stems and roots which can build up just under the surface of a lawn. The build-up of thatch can be healthy for lawns by helping to retain moisture and nutrients, but too much thatch can do just the opposite. One half inch or more of thatch can be detrimental to the health of your lawn, by blocking these same nutrients and water. In addition, new grass roots will attempt to grow in the thatch layer rather than the soil, making it difficult for a lawn to survive the heat of long summer days.


Richlock Rentals and Sales rents Power Rakes used to remove thatch from a lawn. Power Rakes incorporate a series power rake 2of vertical tines which spin under the machine to remove the thatch. It’s very important that the tine depth is set correctly on the Power Rake. Ideally, the tines should be set to penetrate one half the thickness of the thatch. Richlock’s Rental experts will guide you through the safe start-up, adjustment and use of the Power Rake to ensure you get the most from your rental.

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