Log Splitters


Extremely Popular

Log Splitters are an extremely popular rental for our residential customers already preparing for next winter. Richlock Rentals and Sales maintains a fleet of  Wallenstein Log Splitters available for rent from our Langford and Sidney locations. These heavy-duty splitters are towed to the jobsite, so you’ll need a tow vehicle equipped with a 2″ trailer ball, as well as a trailer signal light connector.


Highly Efficient

These machines are extremely efficient with many rental customers indicating they split several cords of wood during a one day, or even half day rental period.

Unlike other smaller log splitters, these heavy-duty units are designed to operate with the hydraulic splitting ram in the vertical position which eliminates the need to lift heavy ’rounds’ of wood onto the splitting ram. Large ’rounds’ can be rolled directly under the ram to be split into multiple pieces of firewood.
log splitter 2


In addition to our rental fleet, Richlock Rentals and Sales also sells a residential version of the formidable Wallenstein Log Splitter.

These units are perfect for large property owners as well as contractors.

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