Construction, Flooring and Carpet Inventory

15" Angle Grinder
27" Grinder, Diamond Double Row
3Air Conditioner
4Asphalt Rake
5Bit, Router Miscelanous sizes
6Board Sander, Air
7Bow Saw
8Brad Nailer
9C - Clamps, Variouis Sizes
10Carpet Cleaner, 5 Star with Upohstery Attachments
11Carpet Dryer Fan, Mini
12Carpet Stapler
13Carpet, Iron
14Carpet, Kicker
14.1Carpet Pole - Forklift Attachment
15Carpet, Stretcher
16Carpet, Trimmer
17Caulking Gun
18Chain Saw Chaps
19Coil Nailer, Roofing
20Coil Nailer, Spike
21Conduit Bender
22Cut Out Tool
23Dehumidifier Residential and Commercial
24Door Jig Kit
25Drill Extensions
26Drill Press 5/8"
27Drill, 1/2" Right Angle
28Drill, 1/2" Variable Speed
29Drill, 3/4" Heavy Duty
30Drill, 3/8"
31Drill, 3/8" Right Angle
32Drill, Air 3/8" Angle
33Drill, Cordless
34Drill, Gas Powered
35Drill, Hole Hawg
36Drywall Extension Pole Sander
37Drywall Panel Lifts 11' to 12'
38Drywall Stilts
39Ducting Canvas, 12" X 12'
40Ducting Canvas, 12" X 25'
41Ducting, 8" X 15'
42Ducting, 8" X 25'
43Extension Cord, 10/3 - 50' - 100'
44Extension Cord, 12/3 - 50' - 100'
45Extension Cords, 50' - 100', 220V
46Fan, 12" 2300 CFM
47Fan, 20" 5000 CFM
48Fan, 20" Heavy Duty Explosion
49Fan, 42" 14000 CFM
50Fan, Carpet
51Fan, Exhaust 8"
52Fan, Office
53Feather Edger
54Floor Sweeper, Magnetic
55Floor, Clamp Kit
56Floor, Scraper Manual
57Floor, Screw Gun
58Floor, Scrubber/Grinder
59Floor, Scrubber/Polisher
60Floor, Scrubber/Polisher 13"
61Forstner (Holehawg) Bits
62GFI Receptacle
63Glazier Kit
64Glue Gun
65Grinder Vac Attachment
66Grinder, 4 1/2" & 5"
67Grinder, 7" Disk
68Grinder, Die
69Grinder, Dustless
70Grinding Cup, 7" Diamond
71Hammer Stapler
72Hand Shear, Electric 1/16"
73Heat Guns, Various
74Hepa Filtered Vacuum
75Hole Saws 1" To 6"
76Knock Out Punch 1/2" - 2"
77Laminate Trimmer
78Level, Builder's
79Level, Lazer
80Level, Lazer Pipe
81Line Painter
82Linoleum, Roller
83Linoleum, Scraper Electric
84Linoleum, Tile Cutter
85Magnet, 24" Floor Sweeper
86Magnetic Drill Base
87Measuring Tape, 100'
88Measuring Tape, 200'
89Measuring Tape, 330'
90Measuring Wheel
90.1Moisture Meter - (Non-Intrusive)
91Mud, Mixing Paddle
92Nail Puller
93Nailer Air Siding
94Nailer, Air Spiker
95Nailer, Concrete
96Nailer, Floor 2" - Air
97Nailer, Hardwood Floor
98Nailer/Stapler Combo 18 Gauge
99Paint Roller Extension Wand
100Paint Sprayer 3-5 Gallon
101Paint Sprayer Siphon Style 5 Gallon
102Planer, Electric 3"
103Plug Adaptors, Various
104Pole Clamps
105Pry Bar, 3'
106Pry Bar, 5'
107Rod, Surveyors
108Roofer's Torch
109Router 1/2"
110Rug Doctor Attachment
111Rug Doctor Large
112Rug Doctor Small
113Sander Orbital - Palm
114Sander, Air Random Orbital
115Sander, Belt
116Sander, Edger
117Sander, Floor Drum
118Sander, Floor Orbital
119Sander, Hand Orbital
120Sander, Pole
121Sander, Random Orbital
122Sander/Polisher 7"
123Saw, 10" Table
124Saw, Band 14"
125Saw, Brick 14" Electric
126Saw, Brick 14" Gas
127Saw, Chain 14" - 16" Electric
128Saw, Chain 16" - 26" Gas
129Saw, Chop (Metal) 14"
130Saw, Circular 10-1/4"
131Saw, Circular 16"
132Saw, Compound Mitre 10"
133Saw, Concrete Floor 14" Push
134Saw, Cut-Off 12" - 14"
135Saw, Cut-Off 12" Electric
136Saw, Cut-Off Cart
137Saw, Cutoff Electric
138Saw, Hand
139Saw, Jig
140Saw, Masonry 14" Electric
140.1Saw, Masonary 14" Electric (MS 360)
141Saw, Mitre 8" - 15" Sliding
142Saw, Reciprocating
143Saw, Skill 7-1/4"-8-1/4"
144Saw, Slab 14" - 20" S.P.
145Saw, Table 10" Small
146Saw, Tile - Small Light Duty
147Saw, Tile 10" Long Tray
148Saw, Tile Pro-24 Mk
149Saw, Tile, Hand Held
150Saw, Toe Kick
151Saw, Undercut
152Saw, Worm Drive 7-1/4"
153Scraper Ripper Attachment
154Scraper, Floor Electric
155Screw Gun
156Shears, Hardiplank
157Ships Auger Wood Bits
158Shop Vacuum, Wet/Dry with Hose and Various Attachments
159Shovel, Roofing
160Shovel, Round/Square Nose
161Slammer Jack
162Sledge Hammer, 8Lb
163Spray Gun, 1 Qt.
164Staple Gun, Air
165Staple Gun, Hand
166Stapler, Diversion -
167Stapler, Floor 2" - Air
168Stapler, Floor 3/8" - Air
169Stapler, Upholstery - Air
170Stud Finder
171Suction Cup, Single
172Suction Cups, Window 3 Cup
173Texture Hopper
174Texture Machine
175Theodolite, Electronic DT5A
176Thickness Planer 12"
177Tiger Torch C/W 10' Hose & Propane Bottle
178Tile Cutter
179Vacuum, Dust Free
180Wall Paper Perforator Tool
181Wallpaper Steamer
182Wood Bore Bits
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