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Now’s the Time to Rent a Lawn Aerator from Richlock Rentals and Sales

As the name implies, Aeration, or Aerating a lawn with a Power Aerator removes small ‘plugs’ of soil and deposits these plugs on the surface of the lawn. The small holes created by the Aerator allow water and nutrients to penetrate the lawn’s root zone making for a healthy, green lawn. Aeration also helps to break-up compacted areas in your lawn which are typically found in high-traffic areas.

Compacting is also common in newer subdivisions two or three years after a lawn has been planted. In some cases, the layer of top soil originally spread over an existing surface to provide improved growing conditions for a new lawn, may deteriorate and be reduced in thickness due to high-traffic, watering, mowing and prolonged rain, making it extremely difficult for a lawn to flourish.

Aerator Selection

areator divots

Soil Plugs left on the lawn surface after Aerating.

There are two types of Aerators available. The first is a ‘Spiker’ version, which is used to perforate the lawn with small holes. This type of machine does not remove a plug of soil and is much less effective than a conventional Aerator available from Richlock Rentals and Sales. Richlock’s Aerators are available in a standard or commercial size depending on the size of your job. Both versions have a series of hollow tines which penetrates the lawn’s surface extracting a series of soil plugs which remain on the surface of the lawn. If left on the surface the plugs usually work themselves back into the lawn over a three to four week period.

To Sum Up the Benefits….

In summary, aerating your lawn with a Power Aerator rented from Richlock Rentals and Sales will reduce compacting and perforate your lawn with a series of small holes, allowing much-needed water and nutrients to reach the root zone of the lawn. This process is extremely effective if the lawn is first Power Raked to remove ‘thatch’, allowing the Aerator to penetrate past the residual thatch, which remains after Power Raking.

Plan Ahead

Please call the Richlock Rentals and Sales location closest to you to arrange to rent an Aerator. We highly-recommend that you call ahead or use our On-line Rental Form to reserve an Aerator during these peak rental times.

Note, that Power Aerators are heavy machines, so you’ll need a pick-up truck or utility trailer to transport the Aerator to and from your jobsite. And remember, we want you to get the most from your rental so Richlock’s Rental experts will guide you through the safe start-up, adjustment and operation of the Power Aerator, prior to you leaving our location. Richlock Rentals and Sales also provides Delivery and Pickup services for a nominal fee.

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