KM 94 R – Professional Grade KombiMotor – $419.95 (Reg $449.95)


The 2-stroke KM 94 R KombiMotor, combined with any of 14 optional tools, offers landscape professionals an efficient multi-task system, and it is the lightest weight model in the STIHL KombiSystem line-up. The KM 94 R weighs only 8.8 lbs. The ergonomic loop handle, coupled with an excellent power-to-weight ratio, delivers the maneuverability to navigate obstacles while helping reduce user fatigue. The multi-task concept provides convenience and efficiency through reduced maintenance and storage with one engine for many tools.


DISPLACEMENT 24.1 cc (1.47 cu. in.)
ENGINE POWER 0.9 kW (1.2 bhp)
WEIGHT 4.0 kg (8.8 lbs.)
FUEL CAPACITY 540 cc (18.3 oz.)


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