WX10 – Lightweight Water Transfer Pump – $429 (REG $529)


The WX10TC is a lightweight, water transfer pump that is perfect for pool maintenance, filling water tanks at the cottage, or small-drainage jobs. It’s powered by Honda’s GX25, overhead cam (OHC), Mini 4-stroke engine and has 25.4-mm (1-inch) suction and discharge ports that will hook up to a standard garden hose.

Pumping capacity is 120 litres per minute. It comes standard with a hose strainer and a garden hose adapter 1″ NPT to 3/4″.



  • Honda GX25 OHC Mini four-stroke engine
  • 25.4 mm (1″) suction and discharge ports
  • Pumps 120 litres per minute (26.4 Imp. Gal per minute)

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