HHT25SL – Tap & Go Loop Handle Line Trimmer – $389


The HHT25SLTC trimmer is powered by Honda’s GX25, Mini 4-stroke engine. Lighter, powerful and packed with innovative features, it includes a multi-strand drive cable that absorbs vibration and impacts.

Other standard features include safety goggles, single loop shoulder harness, semi-matic (tap & go) trimmer head, heavy-duty drive clutch, electronic ignition for dependable starts, and low-tone muffler for quieter operation.



  • 25 cc Honda GX25 OHC Mini 4-stroke engine
  • Loop-style handlebar
  • Semi-matic (tap & go) line feed trimmer head and plastic guard



As a testament to their exceptional quality and reliability, all Honda Trimmers purchased during September 2017 receive an additional 12 months warranty coverage for a total warranty of 48 months for non-commercial use, and 12 months for commercial use.
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