ECHO Outdoor Power Products

Richlock Rentals & Sales carries greater Victoria’s best selection of quality ECHO Outdoor Power Products including line-trimmers, brushcutters, power pruners and blowers to name a few. ECHO power products are favoured by homeowners and professionals alike who rely on quality products and the best Warranty in the business. All ECHO products are backed by a 5 Year Residential and 2 Year Commercial Warranty. 

Please stop-by our Langford or Sidney location today for the best deals on 2017 ECHO Outdoor Power Products and Richlock’s outstanding after sales service. Our Product Specialists are available to help you choose the right equipment to meet your specific needs.

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GT-22521.2cc Curved Shaft Trimmer $219.95
GT-225i21.2cc Curved Shaft Trimmer I-Start$299.95
GT-225SF-2A21.2cc Curved Shaft Trimmer Speed Feed Head$229.95
GT-225L21.2cc Extended Curved Shaft Trimmer$309.95
SRM-22521.2cc Straight Shaft Trimmer $319.95
SRM-225i21.2cc Straight Shaft Trimmer I-Start$349.95
SRM-26625.4cc Straight Shaft Trimmer$419.95
SRM-266S25.4cc Straight Shaft Trimmer Steel Shaft$429.95
SRM-266T25.4cc Straight Shaft Trimmer High Torque$429.95
SRM-262025.4cc Straight Shaft Trimmer$449.95
SRM-2620T25.4cc Straight Shaft Trimmer High Torque$479.95
SRM-28028.1cc Straight Shaft Trimmer$559.95
SRM-280S28.1cc Straight Shaft Trimmer Steel Shaft$579.95
SRM-280T28.1cc Straight Shaft Trimmer High Torque$579.95


SRM-225U21.2cc Brushcutter $439.95$399.95
SRM-2620U25.4cc Brushcutter$519.95$499.95
SRM-280U28.1cc Brushcutter$649.95$629.95
SRM-410U42.7cc Brushcutter$849.95$799.95


PB250-LN25.4cc Handheld Blower$219.95$199.95
PB-255LN25.4cc Handheld Blower $319.95
PB-265LN25.4cc Back Pack Blower$399.95
PB-580H58.2cc Back Pack Blower Hip Throttle$529.95
PB-580T58.2cc Back Pack Blower Tube Throttle$529.95$489.95
PB-755ST63.3cc Back Pack Blower Tube Throttle$649.95$599.95
PB-760LNH63.3cc Back Pack Blower Hip Throttle $749.95
PB-760LNT63.3cc Back Pack Blower Tube Throttle$749.95
PB-770H63.3cc Back Pack Blower Hip Throttle$699.95$649.95
PB-770T63.3cc Back Pack Blower Tube Throttle$699.95


PAS-22521.2cc Pas Power Head$299.95
PAS-225SB-2A21.2cc Pas Power Head W/Trimmer Attachment$389.95
PAS-225VPB21.2cc Pas Complete W/Blower & Trimmer$469.95
PAS-26625.4cc Pas Power Head$459.95$379.95
PAS-28028.1cc Pas Power Head$499.95$459.95



99944200465Brd Attachment$409.95
99944200470Pro Edge Attachment Curve Shaft$159.95
99944200475Pro Edge Attachment Straight Shaft$219.95
99944200485Pro Hedge Attachment$259.95$229.95
99944200490Blower Attachment $149.95
99944200513Tiller/Cultivator Attachment$279.95
99944200532Power Pruner Attachment$279.95
99944200540Pro Trim Attachment$129.95
99944200545Pro Trim Attachment High Torque$189.95
99944200553Pro Sweep Attachment$399.95
99944200563Pro Thatch Attachment$539.95
99944200595Pro HCA Attachment $369.95$329.95
99944200600Pro Brushcutter Attachment$169.95
99944200615Curved Shaft Trmmmer Attachment$99.95
99944200620Pro Paddle Attachment$399.95


PPF-22521.2cc Power Pruner Fixed Shaft$599.95
PPT-26625.4cc Power Pruner $899.95$849.95
PPT-28028.1cc Power Pruner $959.95


ES-25025.4cc Shred 'N Vac$309.95$299.95
ES-25525.4cc Shred 'N Vac Premium$479.95


HC-15221.2cc Hedge Clipper 20"$449.95$399.95
HC-15521.2cc Hedge Clipper 24"$549.95
HC-242021.2cc Hedge Clipper 24"$719.95
HC-302021.2cc Hedge Clipper 30"$749.95
HC-24521.2cc Hedge Clipper 40" Single Sided$729.95
SHC-22521.2cc Shaft Hedge Clipper 20"$619.95
SHC-225S21.2cc Short Shaft Hedge Clipper 20" $539.95
SHC-26625.4cc Shaft Hedge Clipper 20"$679.95
HCA-26625.4cc Articulating Hedge Clipper 20"$779.95


TC-21021.2cc Tiller/Cultivator With Kickstand$489.95


WP-100021.2cc Water Pump $599.95


MS-1H48 Oz Hand Held Sprayer$34.95
MS-21H2 Gal Hand Held Sprayer$69.95
MS-31H3 Gal Hand Held Sprayer$99.95
MS-41BPD4 Gal Diaphragm Back Pack Sprayer$179.95
MS-41BP4 Gal Piston Pump Heavy Duty Sprayer$159.95
MS-53BPE5.3 Gal Premium Back Pack Sprayer$149.95


T-300056V Trimmer 2Ahr Battery And Charger$479.95
T-3000W56V Trimmer Only$269.95
DH-200056V Hedge Clipper 2Ahr Battery And Charger479.95
DH-2000W56V Hedge Clipper Only$269.95
EB-600056V Blower 4Ahr Battery And Charger$549.95
EB-6000W56V Blower Only$269.95



CS271T-1226.9cc Chain Saw Top Handle 12"$419.95
CS-310-1430.5cc Chain Saw 14"$309.95$299.95
CS-355T-1635.8cc Chain Saw Top Handle 16"$549.95
CS-361P-1635.8cc Chain Saw 16"$629.95
CS-370-1636.3cc Chain Saw 16" $439.95
CS-400-16 40.2cc Chain Saw 16" $499.95
CS-450P-1845.0cc Chain Saw 18" Pro Series $619.95
CS-490-1650.2cc Chain Saw 16" $509.95
CS-501P-1650.2cc Chain Saw 16" $659.95$549.95
CS-590-1859.8cc Chain Saw 18" $599.95$499.95
CS-600P-2059.8cc Chain Saw 20" Pro Series $819.95
CS-620P-2059.8cc Chain Saw 20" Pro Series $849.95
CS-680-2466.7cc Chain Saw 24"$919.95
CS-800P-2480.7cc Chain Saw 24" $1,179.95